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Blogging about fashion involves a lots of meetings, networking, promoting etc. and its usually with many species of our gender. I’ve always admired succesful woman more than man, for the simple fact that we have to work many angles to manage and handle our work, house, relationships, kids and so much more. When we drop the need to compete with each other, we open ourselves to fulfilment and more success. Ellen Rogin, president of Strategic Financial Design says ” If you want more business, give more business and referrals to others. What goes around come around – just not always from the same source”. I have experienced first hand the power of positive connection last week during the event “Fall into new You” , meeting many incredible woman who I’m hoping to work with in the future. My goal is to surround myself with other experts in fashion industry and encourage an honest exchange.

With Lovely Christine Sanderson@Le Thrift

 Alexis Cox@Alexis Cox Artistry with Michelle Jeremias @My Chicago Stylist

Get in touch with Michelle if you need/want closet makeover or not sure how to wear those harem pants (what???) or just need a helping hand shopping.  

You can end your trips to makeup counters in the mall for “another date” just to get a one eye look at the way the artist applies your eye color (so you can recreate it at home – we’ve all done it!) with a private lesson from this awesome lady – Alexis. She will teach you all the how’s, the what’s and everything in between of your makeup, just for you, no need to purchase any products (you know you have it all already, rotting away in your makeup bag).

Let’s grow stronger together, evolving into smarter, better human beings. Ciao.:)