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Halloween is our favourite holiday. Every year we have at least 150 people attending a party at my house, dressed up , excited to discover new decorations we added to our decor. It takes about 40 hours to set up all decorations and preparations for this event. Dancing to the music by two different Dj’s , enjoying funky jello shots, I’m always really inspired by the costume creations our friends put forth. This year we had Queen Ravena, Hockey player, Viking, 50 shades of grey and a very realistic Zombie junkie.

I wanted to be dress up as Lady Gaga for a while now and since “Born this Way” video has a small portion of her and a tattoo boy – I had to recreate this look. You can search YouTube for the video on how to apply the makeup. It was really easy but time-consuming. Paul’s face and head makeup took about 45 minutes, mine only 30. First you apply white cream – get it at any Halloween stores. With black pencil – I used Maybeline soft black liner with sponge at the end to smudge. At the end I didn’t use the sponge, it was too small. Instead, makeup sponges , either rectangular or triangle will work the best – they give you lots of smudging surface. Trace the lines of the makeup all over your face, fill with the black liner and cover it using black eyeshadow – it will keep it in place. Next, use the sponge to soften all the lines, very gently all over your face and toward the hair-line.

The hair – I purchased Lady Gaga wig, however the weight of it , kept pulling it down the side of my face, so the pony tail would end up by my cheek. I cut out the pony tail part and attached it to my own hair, using some of the wig parts as a wrap to hold it in place. Then I used some of the white cream, I applied to my face and covered the flat part of my hair (all around the bun). Sprayed it with hair spray. Voila.

If you want to go further, use all black contact lenses, like the ones Paul used – it will create really scary, emotionless eyes.

The outfit – black suit with tuxedo shirt and bow tie. I’m sure you have most of it in your closet.