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Temperatures didn’t just go down, they descendent to the low 40’s. Whaaaaaaaat. I’m so not ready for this change to happen so let’s go back to the times where the sun was up and high and days were warm. New York Fashion Week been here and passed, offering new looks for warmer weather – comforting??? Not Watching all the show, one thought continuously return to me –  screening spring/summer trends 6 months ahead while wrapped up in blankets with cup of joe in the hand to keep me warm, doesn’t provide physical coziness. It’s rather a torture of sorts, not only wanting to be in possession of the clothes shown on runways, but mostly wishing to enjoy the state of the atmosphere outdoors.

My look here I’m tapping into leather trend for early fall. There are so many I love, but will need to adapt to early winter colds outside to incorporate some of them. For now, I’m enjoying the sun. On the pictures…awwwww